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Do you have German ancestors and  would like to learn more about them? Let us help you trace and document your family history and provide you with a detailed and personalized journey into your German roots.

For those who wish to gain deeper insight into their German ancestors in the 20th century, we offer a range of specialized services


  • Were you born in Germany and have been adopted internationally? Allow us to assist you in uncovering valuable information about your biological mother and the specific details surrounding your birth. In addition, we can assist you in reuniting with your birth family.


  • Was your German mother a 'war bride' and moved to the US, Canada, or the UK with her spouse? Are you interested in delving deeper into your German heritage and learning more about her life and her parents' experiences during the Third Reich? Allow us to dig into historical archives and bring to light a wealth of information about their lives during this turbulent time.


  • Did your family emigrate from Germany during the 20th century, particularly after World War II? Are you curious about the relatives they left behind? We specialize in researching historical records to gain insights into their lives and can assist you in re-establishing connections with your distant family members.


  • Are you seeking to reconnect with a cherished family member or a long-lost friend with whom you've lost touch? Reach out to us, and we'll lend our expertise to aid you in your search. We have access to a wide range of resources and can assist in locating individuals who may have become hard to find.


  • If you're a professional DNA genealogist seeking assistance with your research, particularly in the realm of German genealogy, we extend our expertise and support to help validate and enhance your findings.


When collaborating with us, you will not only receive a comprehensive research plan that outlines our search strategy, but we will also keep you regularly informed with progress updates. Upon completion of our research project, you will also receive a meticulous research journal detailing every step we have taken and the conclusions drawn from the results.


Feel free to reach out to us and share the details of the person you're seeking!

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"When I asked Ursula Krause to do research for me into my German grandparents, I expected birth, marriage and death records for both my grandfather's and grandmother's sides of the family. What I got was those and more. Photos of the village and the church where my family worshipped. The unit history of my grandfather's World War I service. Leads to possible living cousins. And a candid cost-conscious appraisal of where research should be focused for the most benefit. In short, I got a thoroughly professional job from a thorough professional I wouldn't hesitate to recommend."

Judy G. Russell

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