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We are passionate about helping genealogical societies and individuals explore their family history. Through engaging and informative webinars, we offer a unique opportunity to enhance your understanding of genealogy and uncover fascinating stories from the past.


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  • “Outstanding presentation and syllabus! Best I have ever seen done on the subject!”

  • “Great to have an extremely knowledgeable speaker from Germany giving the talk about research in Germany. She was very well rehearsed and the handout is magnificent!“

  • “Excellent and very interesting!! The hour just flew by!”

  • “Wunderbar!!!“

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Luther, Napoleon, and the Kaiser - German History for Genealogists (Beginners)

Why is what happened in Augsburg on September 25, 1555, one of the most important historical events in German history and of utmost importance to researchers? And why do we need to know about the French emperor Napoleon? Why does it make such a big difference if a birth took place in 1874 or 1876? Find out in this presentation why knowing the most important events in German history can be helpful for your research.

Wednesday, 16 October 2024, 2:00pm EDT / 05:00 AEDT

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Finding Your Ancestor’s German Hometown (Beginners/Intermediate), 2016

You can’t find the place your German ancestors came from? This presentation will help you gather information on how to find the place they called home. We will investigate passenger lists and emigration records as well and look at what information their name and their faith can provide.

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Moving, moving, moving! Migration Patterns within Germany (Intermediate)

Despite their reputation for being rooted to their localities, Germans do have a history of migration within their own country, especially after the onset of industrialization in the mid-19th century. In this presentation, we will explore the various patterns of internal migration, and offer guidance on how to navigate these movements to aid in your search for ancestors.

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"When I asked Ursula Krause to do research for me into my German grandparents, I expected birth, marriage and death records for both my grandfather's and grandmother's sides of the family. What I got was those and more. Photos of the village and the church where my family worshipped. The unit history of my grandfather's World War I service. Leads to possible living cousins. And a candid cost-conscious appraisal of where research should be focused for the most benefit. In short, I got a thoroughly professional job from a thorough professional I wouldn't hesitate to recommend."

Judy G. Russell

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