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About me


Ursula C. Krause

Genealogist with a law degree and Family Reunification Advocate


Ursula C. Krause is an advocate for reconnecting individuals with their ancestral heritage and reuniting families. She has made lasting contributions to the fields of genealogy and family research. With her solid legal background and extensive experience in genealogical research, Ursula has dedicated her life to uncovering the relationships that bind us together. 


Professional Journey 

Ursula began her professional genealogy journey in 2009 when she founded Rootseekers - Genealogical Research and More. During her many years as a senior genealogist with AncestryProGenealogists, she further deepened her expertise while making significant contributions to the team. Her deep commitment and meticulous research skills quickly solidified her reputation as a sought-after expert in the field.


Commitment to Family Reunification

In 2023, Ursula founded My German Family, an initiative dedicated to research in the 20th century. With this focus, Ursula assists people who have lost contact with their close German relatives because their parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents left Germany or they themselves were adopted abroad and are searching for their biological parents. Ursula’s expertise in researching complex family histories has led to heartwarming reunions that touch lives across borders.

A Recognized Figure

Ursula C. Krause's work has not gone unnoticed. She made significant contributions to prominent genealogical television shows, such as "Finding Your Roots", „Who Do You Think You Are“, and "Every Family Has A Secret" and to the award-winning documentary "The Upside Down Book". In addition to her work for international television, Ursula is well-known in the German media, with appearances on national television and in the German press. Her eloquence and passion for bridging gaps in family stories have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.



Ursula C. Krause's journey from a legal background to a leading figure in German genealogy demonstrates the depth of her knowledge, perseverance, and passion. To Ursula, transforming the lives of her clients through the pursuit of truth, connection, and family ties, is a deeply personal calling. 


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My German Family

"When I asked Ursula Krause to do research for me into my German grandparents, I expected birth, marriage and death records for both my grandfather's and grandmother's sides of the family. What I got was those and more. Photos of the village and the church where my family worshipped. The unit history of my grandfather's World War I service. Leads to possible living cousins. And a candid cost-conscious appraisal of where research should be focused for the most benefit. In short, I got a thoroughly professional job from a thorough professional I wouldn't hesitate to recommend."

Judy G. Russell

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